University Policies


UCCS and the Office of Inclusive Services have policies and expectations for each student. Below are some of these policies. We cover a lot of this information during the OIS Mountain Lion Academy introduction week. 

The families of students receiving services from the Office of Inclusive Services at UCCS are expected to know the information in the Student and Family Handbook.
The handbook is a supplement to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs’ regulations and is not a complete listing of all policies, procedures, regulations, programs, and services. 
To download the handbook, click the link below. 

Students are also required to read the Student Code of Conduct
It helps keep UCCS students safe. It explains your rights, responsibilities, and the rules on campus. To access this handbook, click the link below. 

The full Code of Conduct can be found here: Student Code of Conduct

UCCS Policy Page
Student Academic Ethics Code Policy
Student Academic Disruption Procedure