What is Inclusive Education?

What is Inclusive Education

Inclusion can mean many different things depending on what’s going on and who’s involved. When it comes to higher education it means including people with disabilities and intellectual disabilities in the university setting. It’s about reaching, teaching, and recognizing all types of learners and meeting their needs.

UCCS values inclusive diversity as a foundation for teaching and scholarship that prepares students, faculty, staff, and community members for both local and global multicultural engagement. Creating a culture of inclusion requires active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity in which all members of the UCCS community feel an authentic sense of belonging.

The Office of Inclusive Services (OIS) works toward equal participation in academic, social, and career experiences on campus and in the surrounding community. As students with intellectual and developmental disabilities participate with equal access, the communities they engage in will transform to redefine inclusion.

How Inclusion looks at UCCS:


  • Students with intellectual disabilities are included in academic classes and social activities on campus with students without disabilities.
  • Students receive individualized modifications and accommodations for classes.
  • Peer mentors are available for classroom support as needed.
  • Faculty, academic advisors, and students presume competence of students with intellectual disabilities.
  • Instruction in and implementation of self-advocacy skills for every student.
  • Partnership with College of Education Course (college students studying Inclusive Education).

Career Development  

  • Students are encouraged to do volunteer work.
  • Internships on and off campus are offered, focusing on the student’s interests.
  • There are also jobs on and off campus for all students.
  • The students maintain their own Google calendar, schedule, and to-do lists.
  • All students take a College & Career Class.

Campus Life

  • Students have the opportunity to live independently on campus with supports if needed.
  • All students take a group fitness class or workout in the gym.
  • All students participate in a club.
  • UCCS offers all kinds of extracurricular activities like sporting events, dances, concerts, and plays.

Life Long Skills

  • A step towards independence, self-confidence, and community inclusion.
  • Cooking Classes
  • Drivers Ed Course 
  • Shuttle and Bus Training 
  • Uber/Lyft Training



Inclusive Ed

Inclusive Ed