Cost & Financial Aid

Cost & Financial Aid

Cost & Financial Aid

The following are tuition and fees related to attending UCCS and receiving services through the Office of Inclusive Services. All fees below are per semester.


Tuition as of Fall 2023  

Undergraduate tuition for 9 credits (approx 3 classes)

*COF may provide approximately $800 toward tuition for qualifying students

Estimated Fees for UCCS Spring 2023  
UCCS fees are mandatory and cover services that include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Student activity fee
  • Wellness and recreation center 
  • Technology services
  • University center fee
  • Student event fee
  • Safety and transportation fee
**This amount is approximate and may change based on the courses the student takes  
Office of Inclusive Services Fees 

Charge for Service

This fee covers specialized courses and all individualized social and academic supports provided to the student 

Options for payment: 

  • Students are responsible for paying this fee 
  • Students are encouraged to seek scholarships

Inclusive Skills Training Fee 

This fee covers all employment services 

Options for payment: 

  • This fee is covered by DVR for students who qualify 
  • The OIS has a limited number of scholarships that can be used to cover this fee if the student has financial need. These scholarships are on a semester-by-semester basis 
  • If the student does not qualify for DVR and does not receive a scholarship from the OIS, the student will be responsible for paying this fee

Independent Living Fee. 

This fee is for students living in the Lookout at Cragmor who require more than the standard 6 hours per week of independent living services.

This fee provides an additional 6 hours of individual independent living support per week throughout the semester. 

Options for payment: 

  • The student is responsible for paying this fee 
  • Families are encouraged to seek services through a PASA to provide services 



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