Why Go to College

Benefits of Going to College

National Research Shows:

  • College grads with intellectual disabilities have better employment outcomes  Georgie, Kaitlin, Eileen oktoberfest.jpg
  • Students learn to advocate and direct their own life 
  • Independence skills grow in all areas 
  • Students learn to direct their own social life

What we are doing at UCCS:

Outcomes for the Office of Inclusive Services. The OIS opened in 2016.  Since then we have:

  • Graduated 14 students with a Comprehensive Higher Education Certificate 
  • Supported 31 employment opportunities on campus and in the community 
  • Provided students with job exploration through 17 internships 
  • Supported students to participate in multiple clubs and countess social activities on campus 
  • Assisted 17 students to live on campus and gain cooking skills, take care of their space, and live successfully with roommates 

And this is just the beginning! 

You should go to college so you can get a great job you love - Brianna Kimble
Brianna Kimble
I went to college to learn to speak up for myself and be helpful to others - Michael Dilworth
Michael Dilworth
I went to college because I need to have something to do that I like every day. I am living my dream - Sam Gonzalez
Sam Gonzalez
I went to college because I am a human being and deserve to be treated equally - Will Gresham
Will Gresham

Why Go to College - in the Words of an OIS Graduate